Fleecy Tie Blankets!

These are made of polar fleece with gorgeous tassel ties around the edge!

These blankets are lightweight and perfect to fold up to take with you absolutely anywhere. 

It's a fantastic way to have something travel compact, that smells familiar and helps make them feel safe and secure for holiday trips, car rides, vet visits (even just for the waiting room), to the kennel and so much more.

The ties around the edge make it easy to tie to the side of a crate to create a visual barrier and create that comfortable, cosy feel that helps them feel secure. Great for at home or car rides to block any sight out of a window as well for dog shows if needing some extra security, space or down time.

Cats have a crazy obsession for polar fleece!! These are an absolute hit and can be made custom to cover the end of your bed to protect you quilt. 

They are extremely comfortable, machine washable and dry very quickly!

Available in:
SMALL: Approximately 60cm x 40cm

MEDIUM: Approximately 120cm x 60cm

CUSTOM sizes also available - Please enquire for pricing. 

*Sizings are approximate due to bring handmade.*

Many patterns and colours available.

Small Fleecy Tie Blankets

Pick Up / Delivery
  • Returns will only be accepted if product is unused and is still in original packaging.

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