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Owner and Head Trainer

I am.. Melissa Heffernan RVN IMDT

Registered Veterinary Nurse with 13 years experienced.

Certified Dog Trainer/Full Member of IMDT

(Institute of Modern Dog Trainers, UK)


Puppy Preschool Instructor for RSPCA WA


Reward and science based

methods only!

What We Do


Basic Obedience


Puppy Consultations


Enrichment Consults


Behavioural Consults

Basic Training..​.

We can help you learn how to teach your dog basicmanners and life skills for every day living...

  • Loose Leash Walking

  • Solid Recall 

  • Increase Value in You as an Owner

  • Focus Games

  • Impulse Control

All of our fun exercises and games also help by strengthening you and your furry friend's bond!


Puppy Consultations..​.

Have you got yourself a NEW family addition and need a refresh on puppy training and/or problems?

Never had a puppy before?

In our puppy consults, we can help you learn how to address all aspects of puppy behaviour and training such as:

  •  Mouthing / Biting

  • Toilet Training

  • Foundations for Training

  • Teaching Life Skills

All while keeping everything fun, simple and enjoyable!


Enrichment Consultations...

Ever wondered why your dog likes to chew things up leaving a path of destruction? 

Why do they excessively bark?

 Always on the lookout for the next hole being dug in your garden or lawn?


 While the above are all natural behaviours in dogs, we perceive them as innappropriate and a nuisance in suburban households... these can also be displayed and amplified through boredom!

Have you ever spent day after day in the same room, with the same routine, no new changes and not even one activity given to do??

How..... BORING!!!

In our Enrichment Consultations we will show you many different but easy ways to help entertain your pooch at home...


We focus on replacing boredom and unwanted behaviours with encouraging your dog to "Work" and forage for their food an toys making each day FUN, exciting and mentally tiring = well balanced pooch! 


Behavioural Consultations..​.

There are many dogs out there whom suffer and display  a wide and sometimes complex variety of behavioural problems. However it can be hard for some owners to know where to go to ask for help OR even how to recognise if their pets behaviour is abnormal... 

Our home consultations are a great place to start to gather a professional opinion and advice on the situation. With the correct information sourced and after assessing your dog and their behaviour, we can then help guide you in the right direction** and tailor make a behaviour modification program to suit!

Every program is designed specifically to suit and fit YOUR dog and their problem as well as YOUR lifestyle. 

**Depending on the complexity of the behaviour and severity of the abnormal behaviour, we may recommend you seek advice from a Veterinary Behaviourist to ensure we structure the best possible plan and outcome for your furry friends mental health and well-being.


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