Snuffle Ball Instructions

Welcome to your pet’s Snuffle Ball…

Before you begin, ensure all packaging and tags are removed and give your snuffle ball a good “fluff” up!


Time to Load...

As with all food puzzles and interactive feeding you will need some food!!

The best food source for this ball is dry treats and/or kibble. However for the more adventurous it still works well with cubed dog roll and some fruits and veggies cubed such as carrots, apple, broccoli.


Time to Snuffle…

With the food of choice, spread apart one section of the fabric to find an opening and fill with treats. Fluff back over and away they go.



  • Do not make it too hard as they may just give up! The game needs to be achievable and as they build confidence and value in the ball, your pet will become engaged and invested in finding the treats hidden inside.

  • Mix some ‘extra special' treats amongst the food being scattered to help build value in the ball and game of foraging!

First time rollers:

  • Make it super easy by just placing food in the middle and let them go for it.

  • To make the game more engaging use high value rewards such as the Pure Pet Treats you received as a Thank you present!

  • It sometimes also helps to make a game with the ball and play a small game of fetch or tug to familiarize them with the toy.

Experienced rollers:

  • Make the game more difficult by burying the fabric inside the ball creating a harder level game. The treats will hide better amongst all the layers of fabric and will take a higher level of thinking to get them out.

Snuffle Ball Care Instructions

You can hand wash with cold water and mild detergent. Then hang up to air dry.




The mat can be machine washed on a gentle cycle in cold water (ideally 30 degrees)


It can then be hung up to air dry.


 DO NOT use bleach. DO NOT iron.

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